May 15, 2020

Quick Start Guide

Predictology Quick Start Guide

Get the most out of Predictology in 10 Easy Steps.

​​Your membership to Predictology opens up a whole world of football betting options and opportunities.

We have tried to make the platform as simple, natural and as user friendly as possible. That said, there are many tools and features available to you at a click of a button and we acknowledge that no matter how easy something is to use - the first time you experience something new it can look scary, complicated and take a while to get used to.

This is why we have put together this quick start guide to help you get comfortable with Predictology as quickly as possible.

We also understand and expect that every member of Predictology will, most likely, end up using the platform and tools differently to suit their own tastes and needs. For example, not everyone is going to want or have the time to use the core System Builder extensively and may simply want easy access to systems and strategies that can quickly follow along with. Others, like me, love developing their own strategies and testing theories and will spend the bulk of their time on the system builder.

For simplicity, we have focused this quick start guide for those that do AND do not intend to use the System Builder extensively. If you fall into neither category or are somewhere in the middle, hopefully this guide will still be useful for you and you can cherry pick the most important parts of each to suit your needs.

Remember - if at any time you have a question or get stuck just click the chat icon at the bottom right of any page that you are on, and myself and the team will be happy to help you.


Useful Reading

If you are serious about building a real, sustainable and profitable betting strategy, then we have put together a three part guide to show you how to do this:


 - Building A Success Betting Strategy

 - Refining A Betting Strategy

 - Measuring Betting Success


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 - How An Unprofitable System Can Still Make You Money

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 - The Power Of Hot and Cold Streaks

 - The Role Of Averages


Navigating The Members Area

For all members, this is the most important page and where you will spend the most of your time (if not building systems).


You can also manage your member at anytime by visiting the customer hub here.


Looking For Analysis and Betting Predictions

With Predictology, you have several options to access deep insights, profitable strategies and betting predictions


1. You can access our Match Analysis Hub which provides in-depth and analysis for every game taking place, including out recommend value predictions


2. Done for you, Profitable Betting Strategies, straight from our own personal locker


3. Access our custom Predictology Ratings covering all the major teams leagues around the globe


4. Hot and Cold Streak analysis


5.  Our proprietary Predictology Value Ratings, which identifies the biggest value bets each week



6. 10 Playbooks - ten more profitable betting strategies that you can add to our portfolio. One released each week for your first ten weeks of membership

System Builder

The heart of Predictology - here you start building your own betting strategies and systems.

Over 300,000 matches, more than a 100 variables and 60 leagues across the globe.

Pre loaded into every members account are a number of test and examples systems to make it easy to show you to build new strategies.

 - You can dive right into the System Builder here

 - You can access our Video Training Series here


​We hope that you found this quick start guide and checklist useful. If you have any additional questions or have feedback on how we can improve this for future members, send us a message at the bottom right of the page.