November 3, 2017


Welcome to Predictology and Welcome to YOUR Predictology Playbook

This is the Predictology ‘Playbook’, your step-by-step guide to successfully betting on football and building powerhouse betting systems that you can use for years to come.  Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to some of the most powerful features of the Predictology platform; key insights and learnings that we have made from using the platform for the last 2+ years; and, most excitingly share with you a raft of profitable betting systems, strategies and micro-models that we use every day and that you can implement right away.

And, if you get stuck, you’ll have daily access to myself and the whole Predictology team. We’re here to make sure you get the best from Predictology, and to ensure it works for you, so if you have any questions, don’t be shy!

You can see a quick link to each of the Playbooks that will be released every week:

  • Playbook #1 – Home Field Advantage – 22% ROI
  • Playbook #2 – Micro Betting Strategies – 31.7% ROI
  • Playbook #3 – The Most Powerful Criteria in Predictology
  • Playbook #4 – Asian Handicap Supremacy – 8.8% ROI
  • Playbook #5 – Lay the Draw – 75% SR | 94 Units Profit
  • Playbook #6 – How to Bet on Goals and Achieve a 22% ROI
  • Playbook #7 – You need to think differently to get different results
  • Playbook #8 – How to develop a win betting system that has a win rate of 81.8%
  • Playbook #9 – The Asian Handicap System with a Consistent 9.5% ROI
  • Playbook #10 – Find regular winners at 7/2 and higher

Remember: The Plays are drip-fed over time, one a week.



Let’s Go!

It’s time to get started on your Predictology journey.

Take your time, be prepared for some bumps in the road, and be open-minded about new opportunities presented in the Playbooks. Not all of the strategies will suit your style, so please don’t think you need to absorb them all.

This is about introducing you to the awesome winner-finding content inside Predictology in a way that suits YOU. You have all the support you could need from the team at Predictology – all of us bet using Predictology daily – and we want nothing more than to produce 100’s more successful punters thanks to our platform.

Remember, each week during your  subscription, you will be introduced to a new Playbook, so check back regularly!

Welcome, and let’s get started!