How to build betting systems with Predictology that include league placings

A question we receive quite frequently here at Predictology HQ from members is how to incorporate league placings into betting systems.

There is some debate around whether league placings can aid or hinder your efforts in finding winning bets. For example, this excellent article from Betting Metrics attempts to tackle this particular topic head on. Conversely, the system below was created in Predictology was built focusing on Points Per Game (PPG) which in effect is a way to incorporate league placings into a betting strategy.

Bel. Jupiler Pro League2017/1810.61+117.9%55.63.82
Ger. Bundesliga II2017/180.20+3.3%33.33.76
Eng. Championship2017/186.50+22.4%37.93.63
Eng. League One2017/186.80+30.9%36.43.47
Eng. League Two2017/18-1.02-4.1%36.02.94
Eng. National2017/189.48+37.9%44.03.40
Sco. League Two2017/185.06+38.9%61.52.71
Tur. Süper Lig2017/180.10+1.4%42.94.18













That said, there are good points raised in the above article and, as usual with these things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But the point of today’s article is not whether you should use league placings or not, but rather how you can consider doing this with Predictology.


Firstly it is NOT possible to use direct league placings in the system builder, it’s not a metric we have currently available in the system builder (although it is something we will consider in future. However, this is another route we can use to approach this and we feel it is more beneficial metric:

Points Per Game (PPG)

In the system builder if you look under “Odds and Team Filter” you will find an option for choosing ‘Average Points’ and this can be either set as your selection or their opponent.
















Using this feature allows you to filter teams by their average points achieved over the current season. Loosely speaking you can now filter teams by top six, mid table and bottom six.

A rough rule of thumb to use here is

  • Any side getting 1.8-2.00+ points plus per game is going to be top or close to the top
  • Any side picking up 1.0 point per game or lower on average is going to be in the relegation places or near the bottom
  • With those sitting between those places will be roughly in the middle of the table

English Premier League Table

  • 1.80 pts multiplied by 25 games gives us anyone on 45 points or higher – Tottenham to Man City
  • 1.00 pt per game after 25 games would give us any side on 25 points or less – Newcastle in 14th to bottom placed West Brom


La Liga Table

  • 1.8pts per game gives us 3rd place Valencia and up and with a slight adjustment would also include Villarreal and Real Madrid
  • @1pt per game, we would see 16th placed Levante through to bottom placed Malaga


So as you can see, by using these rough Points Per Game metrics we can easily slice up the league table to identify teams by groups of league positions to include in our betting systems.


Predictology Q&A

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