October 28, 2019

Low Risk Lays

Low Risk Lays

Here you will find the latest selections form the three lay models which make up Low Risk Lays. Please allow a few moments for the systems to update and the selections to load.

Latest Selections

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How To Follow The Selections

Low Risk Lays are exactly that. Low Risk because we are targeting exposed teams who are odds on in the betting, yet our models have identified them as likely over bet, and present value for us to take them on.

We also classify them as Low Risk as we are risking less money than we stand to make. For example, if were to lay Team A at 1.50 for £20.00 - we would stand to win £20.00 (less commission) but only lose £10 if the team goes on to win.

 - Other considerations

1.You can look to tackle these lays either through a fixed stake approach which means your liability will be variable and depend on the odds that you lay out. The alternative way to bet these selections, and my personal preference, is to have a fixed liability and variable profits. I'll explain this a little further now.

By fixed liability, I mean we lay to risk one point on every lay. So whether it is a 1.20 shot or 1.90 odds selection, we stand to lose the same amount if we are wrong. However, if we are right our profit will be higher the stronger the favourite they are (shorter odds). 

It requires a bigger betting bank as you can expect losing runs on short odds, but when we hit the loser (winning lay), then the payouts can be very exciting.

Download the results below and play around with them in excel to see just what I mean. From there you can decide which approach suits your risk profile.

2. Consider using a percentage of your bank for your lays (say 2%), rather than a fixed stake. This will allow you to compound your growth over time, meaning you can start with a small betting bank initially and build it up with your profits.

Historical Results

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3