October 28, 2019

Bank Builder – Over_Under

Bank Builder Over / Under

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How To Follow The Selections

Staking & Methodology

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Bank 1 = 100 points

– Stake 10% per selection

– Re-calculate stakes after every 25 bets or after the close of a days betting once 10 or more selections have been reached

– This model is designed to achieve long term growth by reinvesting profits. You can, however, optionally, look to withdraw a proportion of your profits after each 25 bets and re-invest the remaining profit. This will slow the compound growth, but will ensure regular profit withdrawals. The choice is yours

Bank 2 = 30 points

– Stake 33% per selection

– Re-calculate bets after each selection (kick-off time permitting) or at the end of each day's betting

– Do not place more than 3 bets at any one time

– When the bank doubles in size – withdraw the profits and start again

– If we hit a losing run, we generally recommend ‘recycling' the bank when it reaches a negative balance of -70%. This is optional but we do we personally, in practice, as we find we recover the losses and get back in to profit quicker

– Optionally, you may wish to withdraw some profits and re invest the remainder to keep the 100 point / 30 point bank split between Bank 1 and Bank 2

Useful Supporting Documentation

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Introduction to Bank Builder Model
  3. How To Automate
  4. Example Strategy File 1
  5. Example Strategy File 2

Historical Results

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1. The size of your betting bank is down to your own personal circumstances and risk profile – but you can start with a betting bank as small as £you like

2. We recommend that you start with a smaller betting bank, certainly initially, while you test out and get used to the model

3. Although all efforts have been taken to ensure long term success and as smooth a profit ride as possible, we would still recommend that this approach forms just one part of a balanced betting portfolio

4. Past performance is no guarantee of future success and we can accept no liability for any losses in relation to following this model or, in fact, any service that we provide. You can learn more, via these links, about our Terms and Conditions, and Income Disclaimer located on the site

5. Please read all of the documentation in the section below “Additional Resources”