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Can you really make money from football betting?

Let Predictology show you that Proven Football Betting Systems really do exist:

One of the first questions we get asked by anyone interested in Predictology is “can I really build a betting system that actually makes money?” and our answer is always the same:

“Yes and it depends….”

The yes part is easy – the team at Predictology have personally built many profitable systems and strategies. One example of this is our popular playbook series which takes every new member of Predictology on a ten-week course where we show you real, live profitable strategies and systems that members can use and follow in their own accounts. (would you like to experience a 7 day free trial of Predictology? you can do so here)

Further down this article we will also share further evidence that you really can make money from betting on Football.

As for the ‘depends’ part – it really does depend on what your expectations are…

If you are looking for a ‘one ring to rule them all’ type of system, where once you have found the system you can simply sit back and retire, you are likely to be a disappointed. For starters, having all of your eggs in one basket (system) is a recipe for disaster. Trends and market forces change and you need to be able to adapt and tweak over the years ahead – also no strategy is linear, so it is always better on the wallet (and heart) to have multiple strategies on the go so that you can cover for the inevitable downswing of one system before it corrects again later.

This is not to say that you can’t find excitingly profitable systems that deliver many, many units profit per season. They definitely exist because we have seen them – in fact, we know of at least three tipsters who generate all of their selections successfully (and profitably) solely from the Predictology platform, and have done for several years.

That said, for all new and prospective members of Predictology we always advise to set lower expectations initially and focus on something we call micro betting systems.

One of the many opportunities provide by the Predictology platform is the ability to develop and create successful micro betting systems (learn more about this concept here). When used correctly and in conjunction with other micro betting strategies, they can prove incredibly powerful…and profitable.

What type of betting systems can I create with Predictology?

There are two categories of betting strategies that you can develop and discover with Predictology.

Fully fledged – proven football betting systems:

With this definition, we mean a system that generates a decent volume of bets a season, good profits year in year out and would, by most peoples standards, be called a proven betting system.

For example:

The strategy below has delivered nearly 90 units profit, at level stakes, over the last four and a half seasons.

We can see from the trend lines that profits are relatively smooth and linear, averaging 20+ units a season.

Proven football betting system: Example 1

What makes this particular example even more impressive is that it is backing teams to win at high odds (average odds of 7.20), and has a very high ROI of 44.7%.

In our next example we can see another system that shows consistent returns every year (with just one, minor, losing season). Again, this system has high average odds (4.44) and a strong ROI of 12.7%

In our next example, we find a system with a high volume of bets but with a strong linear line pointing top right on the chart, which is exactly what we want to see.

It gets of to a little shaky start and after that it is pretty much all profit for the next 300 games.

Micro betting strategies – almost guaranteed football profits

The second category of football betting systems are what we call micro betting strategies, which we have discussed at length here

The characteristics of a micro betting system are that they provide you with

  • A handful of bets per month or season
  • Deliver consistent profits
  • Perhaps only 5-10 units a season but when multiplied by many micro betting strategies they deliver a healthy ROI

Such as this micro betting strategy:

Or this one:

League Season Profit ROI Win % Odds
Total Total 25.28 29.1% 43.7% 2.82
Sco. Premiership 2013/14 0.11 +0.6% 36.8 2.54
Sco. Premiership 2014/15 4.44 +23.4% 42.1 2.79
Sco. Premiership 2015/16 1.64 +8.6% 36.8 2.80
Sco. Premiership 2016/17 16.27 +85.6% 57.9 3.11
Sco. Premiership 2017/18 2.82 +25.6% 45.5 2.87

In summary, there are almost limitless opportunities for how you can build your own proven football betting system. With Predictology’s custom built server it has never been easier to test an idea and quite literally return results from over 200,000 matches in a matter of seconds.

We always advocate take a portfolio approach to your system building and suggest that you try and build a mixture of betting strategies from the two main categories here to build a truly successful and profitable approach to your football betting.



We have created an incredibly powerful new betting platform which gives you all the tools you need to create your very own football betting systems!

By becoming a member of Predictology you get instant access to the following:

  • Over 200,000 matches and growing…
  • 22 leagues covering 10+ seasons… and we are adding more leagues all the time
  • Run and test systems in seconds with our custom built server
  • Assess over 100 variables, criteria to build the perfect betting system
  • Auto bet alerts – one email per day with all of your selections from all of your systems
  • 1-click betting – place your bets straight from the Predictology platform
  • A full video guide series which will make you a system building expert in not time at all
  • Three custom rating models for you to use
  • Value tracker reports – we will tell you the matches the bookies have priced wrong every week in one simple report
  • 10 week playbook which shares some of our own most pro table betting systems
  • And much, much more

You can start your free trial of Predictology right here

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